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OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Phone cases and covers

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  1. For OnePlus 6  - Nora Cover

    For OnePlus 6 - Nora Cover

    249 SEK
    The Nora cover is made in a clean cut design. Protective, yet not bulky. Made to serve and protect.
  2. For OnePlus 6 - Sunne Cover

    For OnePlus 6 - Sunne Cover

    299 SEK
    Sunne collection is a master of discreet and true luxury. By unifying sharp tailoring and genuine vintage leather you get a sleek and elegant cover wrapping your phone in a sophisticated style. The genuine leather of Sunne ages with beauty and by following your adventures it matures and gets even more smart over time.
  3. Hector Case 5XL

    Hector Case 5XL

    299 SEK
    The “fanny pack” is back! We kept the practicality but added a sleek fashionable look.
  4. Orsa FolioCase Universal 5XL

    Orsa FolioCase Universal 5XL

    Regular Price: 299 SEK

    Special Price 149 SEK

    With elegant rounded edges this case embraces one of your most precious belongings. Smooth and clean design makes it fit perfect in your pocket as well as in your hand.
  5. Vargön WalletCase 5XL

    Vargön WalletCase 5XL

    Regular Price: 249 SEK

    Special Price 124 SEK

    With strong influences from the wild pinewoods and shorelines of the island Vargön this roomy WalletCase will keep you organized in sophisticated fashion. A rich and luxe take on all of your everyday essentials.

5 Item(s)