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Huawei P30 Phone Cases and Covers

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  1. For Huawei P30 - Sunne 2 Card Foliowallet

    For Huawei P30 - Sunne 2 Card Foliowallet

    399 SEK
    Beautifully crafted in a soft vegan material, Pixbo supports your everyday life with functionality, minimalism and style. The look and feel is expressed in subtle colours, contrasting stitching and soft textures. The slim look and safe protection remind us of one of these incredible bags - neat on the outside but still holds almost everything.
  2. Sunne Cover

    Sunne Cover

    299 SEK
    Sunne collection is a master of discreet and true luxury. By unifying sharp tailoring and genuine vintage leather you get a sleek and elegant cover wrapping your phone in a sophisticated style. The genuine leather of Sunne ages with beauty and by following your adventures it matures and gets even more smart over time.
  3. For Huawei P30 - Kivik Cover

    For Huawei P30 - Kivik Cover

    Regular Price: 249 SEK

    Special Price 149 SEK

    Kivik, clear as water. A premium quality hybrid cover with soft TPU sides and hard scratch resistant PC back. A perfect protection that lets your phone fully shine.
  4. Sunne BeltCase M

    Sunne BeltCase M

    399 SEK
    A minimalistic and stylish belt case to keep your phone safe when wearing it elegantly around the waist. Handmade in premium leather gives a smooth and soft feeling that becomes even more elegant over time. Two big loops at the back makes it flexible to move between your outfits. With a magnetic closure on the lid the phone is easy accessible at any time. An allround case for any occasion.

4 Item(s)