Taking care of your SEaLABox - a waterproof mobile case from Krusell.


Our case has been tested to international waterproofing standards. However, the waterproofness of your SEaLABox depends on the user closing and opening it carefully. It is important that the case does not get damaged either before or during use. Please follow all instructions carefully.

Before Every Use

Seal something worthless inside, then submerge in a basin to check the waterproofness.

Closing the Case

Make sure that all parts are properly attached. Wipe away any grit or sand, which could hamper the seal. They should lock smoothly, if not there may be something impeding the seal.

Opening the Case

Never open your SEaLABox in or under water. In order to stop any water getting in when you are opening it, first shake off any water then dry with a towel.

Ongoing Care

Our materials are strong but can still puncture. Avoid sharp or abrasive objects and protect from impacts. After regular contact with chlorinated or salt water, or with sun creams, wash in soapy water and then rinse with fresh water. Do not use bleach, alcohol or proprietary cleaners.


SEaLABox are made from a variety of materials, mostly plastics which make them rust proof. Both front and back sides are made of silicone.

Humidity and Condensation

In humid climates there will be moisture in the air sealed inside the case.